Sunday, April 6, 2014

Everyone I Know Is An Asshole

A snazzy 48-song CD of Sockeye stuff -- including Rush, Crass, Happy Flowers, and Fang covers -- packaged to look like a 7" so that hopefully Scott Munroe would try to play it on his turntable and break it. The place where I got this doesn't seem to be around anymore, but you can Google 100% Zero and most likely find a copy. Like you really need a 79-minute CD-R of Sockeye rarities? Yes. Yes, you do.

Sockeye -

"All My Friends Have Feet"

"Everyone I Know is an Asshole"

"Slam Dunk Your Ass"

"Vietnam Was Funny"

"INXS Guy"

"Train Wreck Scavenger Hunt"

"You Plus Us Is Yus"

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Save Your Bullshit For Somebody Else

When I'd say "best band I've seen at The Whitney House all year" it used to mean something, except now it means a lot less seeing as this was only the second Whitney House show I've been to in the last 8 months, unless I just don't know how to count (which is possible). It's not to hard to figure out that the quality of the coverage on this blog is heavily tied to the quality of bands that both The Whitney House and Popeye's Garage bring in, and now that both places are slowing down or have gone under over the past couple of years, well, you see what happens. Downhill fuckin' city. Anyway, Catholic Guilt are from New London -- if you remember Mike from atrilliongallonsofgas (who was also in Ferocious Fucking Teeth for a while), he's in this band -- and yeah, they were pretty impressive. I've been hearing about them for a while (from people in bands who have played The Orphanage), but hardcore isn't the first thing that pops into my head when I think about New London, so I kinda let the talk just wash right over me, but they pretty much tore things up. Seth would probably help me out with the names of a few bands that Catholic Guilt sounded like, only Seth wasn't there that night, so I'm on my own. Maybe powerviolence with some extended heavy stoner/psych parts and a crazed motherfucker of a singer, I guess. Similar to what a bunch of bands Providence and Boston sound like, if that helps you at all.

This was the second time in two weeks that I saw The Excrementals, who're made up of a bunch of New Haven people who've been in a bunch of other bands I've seen before (although for the life of me I can't remember the other band that Joe used to sing for, maybe when I remember I'll edit this) (oh, wait, it was Loach, I think). They're your basic no-frills punk band, not crusty or street or anything like that. Here's a video you can watch, from a show that wasn't at Whitney House:

Sorry that it's so small, but we're way over budget on our video streaming this month.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Fuck Rock 'N Roll, I'd Rather Read A Book

The fact that main Dead Wives honcho Mike Falcone is the drummer in Speedy Ortiz is probably the least interesting thing about the new Dead Wives cassette, which doesn't prevent his really-on-top-of-stuff label from displaying it in at least five different places as soon as you open up the e-mail. Despite all of that (and the fact that they misspell his name, too-- gee, I gotta get me one of these cushy publicists jobs one of these days. Hey, Erick Bradshaw, think it'll work?), it's still a record that's well worth your time checking out, and comes totally recommended on this end. Now, if you could only find a link to order the darn cassette... never mind, I'll just click on one of the spots where it says "Speedy Ortiz", and that should do it. Same difference, right?

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I've Been Haunted By Humans

I don't think I've ever not had a blast at a New Haven house/DIY show, across dozens of shows and 7 or 8 different venues, so this one was no different... in fact, it was probably more fun than all of the others, since it was scrunched up next to the washer/dryer (see pics, they're around here somewhere) and there was a fire pit in the back yard (as most New Haven backyards seem to have) and the house itself was super-neat and had a bunch of cool flyers tacked up on the living room wall of shows I've actually been to, so it was like a memory flashback... anyway, Estrogen Highs played as a trio without Wes, who was off working or fucking around somewhere, so they decided to throw all of their songs down the toilet and play them with a bunch of feedback and extended improv parts and so forth, and it sounded GREAT. The songs played were "Supposing View", "Alley Man", "Weed Queen", "It Has To Rhyme", and a couple of new ones; I might have one of the songs wrong, but fuckit, two people are gonna read this, so I don't think it matters. I remember thinking to myself, "man, why haven't they been playing all of these songs like this in the first place?" It's kinda neat when a band is able to pull their own songs apart to see what other stuff is inside them -- I saw Estrogen Highs do the same thing at Discovery Zone with Chip once, and maybe Cafe Nine or one other time, though that might've been just because they were all plastered -- and still have it sound like a good time, instead of a mess. Blessed State's set was plagued by sound and mic problems and Andrew cut his hand open after the first couple of songs and started bleeding all over himself, but y'know, it still wasn't bad and Kiana's Negative Approach shirt ruled. I finally figured out that the new slower one isn't a long song at all (must've been putting two songs together in my head the last time), so now I'm thinking they should just put everything up on Bandcamp and start selling digital albums that way instead of waiting for them to be pressed up, because I'm dying to hear this stuff in a proper form -- unless the tracks still haven't been mastered yet, I mean, what the fuck do I know about these things. I can't even write a coherent paragraph, and that's supposedly my main hobby.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Young Governor Is Reinventing Graham Bonnet

One of crummy things about me being too lazy to post on this blog much at all is that there are a bunch of records that I never got to, like this Marvelous Darlings compilation that I bought at the Flywheel a couple of years ago and didn't even bother to redeem the download code for until just a couple days ago (I've had most of the files on my computer for years anyway, but still). I'm sure some of you know the story about Marvelous Darlings by now: a bunch of ex-hardcores (Fucked Up, No Warning) decide to start a power pop band, only most of this stuff sounds like Cheap Trick's "In Color" hooked up to the "Kids Don't Follow" machine, or like the great supercharged hard rock that used to be on the radio all the time when I was a kid -- early Rush, Loverboy, Rainbow, Dio-era Sabbath, April Wine, Aldo Nova, Fastway, Taxxi, Triumph, arena-rock-era Kinks, etc etc. I'd like to think that it's just a co-incidence that half of those bands I just mentioned were also Canadian (even though Triumph kinda sucked and were mostly just a Rush tribute act, except for that one album that was pretty good). Kinda funny how Marvelous Darlings called their singles compilation "Single Life" when MOTO called theirs "Single File", which is just the same letters switched around, although I don't think that was intentional, or even worth mentioning, except that I did already.

Marvelous Darlings -

"The Swords, The Streets"

"Teenage Targets"

"The Only Ones For Miles"

Friday, March 21, 2014

Just Nod Your Head So They'll Go Away Again

We were told not to park in the church parking lot next door, so I drove around the block a couple of times and just as I was making a right off Washington a cop came up right behind me and turned his lights on for me to pull over. I wasn't doing anything anyway (I was actually kinda driving a little slow and looking for a place to park), so as I started to slide towards the shoulder Mr. Policeman sorta sauntered past me (there was no emergency, obviously) and cut his lights as soon as he was two feet ahead of me, meaning he was being a dick and just wanted me to move out of the way so he could get to the Dunkin' before it closed or whatever. Not that it was the worst thing that happened all night, which was some kid who was at the show getting hit by a car crossing the street, I'm told he's okay now though. I ended up parking in the church lot anyway, as did everyone else. Screw your rules.

Anyway, Blessed State started off their set with a really long drawn out song (unless it was two songs put together, I wasn't really paying attention) which seemed like it wasn't gonna go anywhere but then all of a sudden this great hook just started popping up, like I'm telling you it was a really good song and I started getting into it, and it was fuckin' long, too, I don't usually like long songs. I hope they haven't really finished their record like they say they have and can put this one on it, because it really should be on there, it's really cool. I think they ended up playing one or two other new songs, too, only their set got cut short because the thing that happened outside, but maybe I'll be seeing Blessed State again this weekend and I can figure it all out then.

There were some other bands that played but they were just some people from around, nothing to get too worked up about. That was a joke, you obviously haven't been here before.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Some Indonesian Junk That's Been Going Around

Daniel James was in one of my all-time favorite bands, Chinese Telephones (seriously, if the house was on fire/Russians tanks were coming/Jay Hinman was elected President, the clear-vinyl Chinese Telephones s/t LP is one of the first things i'd grab on my way out the door, after the Damien Pratt CD). Now Dan's released some solo-recorded demos as "Indonesian Junk" on Bandcamp, which I think show even more potential than the higher-than-moderate success rate achieved over two singles + by his post-'Phones glam/Dolls-type outfit, The Daniel James Gang. No doubt if this Indonesian Junk stuff came out as a four-song cassette it would be one of my favorite things all year, mostly because cassettes emphasize the tossed-off-on-a-whim aspect of home recordings, which lowers your expectations enough where even the glitchy parts sound cool. I'm guessing "Now That It's Over" is supposed to be the "hit" because it's the lead-off track, but my pick is probably "Shake It With You", partly because of the Crypt Kickers vibe in the vocals, although "You Messed Me Up" (a rip of the Damned's "So Messed Up" I guess) is pretty good too. Available as a pay-what-you-want download on Bandcamp, which means "free" to most people.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Nobody Ever Earns My Trust

I've got three or four other Nerve City records besides this one (which I don't actually have on vinyl yet, since the average LP from Canada is like, what, $35ppd these days or something) and I like them all a lot, although the first couple of times I listened to "Asleep on The Tracks" last year it kinda just went right by and didn't grab me at all. It took a few months for me to go back and revisit it again, to where I've been listening to it almost constantly in the car over the past couple of weeks. Some of the songs are still too slow and light to really grab my interest, but everything else is pretty cool, including the shorter ones like "Old Dominion" and "Taper Off" which use a neat slide guitar/Duane Eddy-twangy type effect as a counterpoint to the hook in the chorus. I'm at the point now where I'd actually place "Asleep on The Tracks" on my best-of 2013 list if I were going to go back and revise it (which I'm not, best-of lists are just a bunch of jerking-off anyway). Remember when this blog actually used to be good? Yeah, those were the day.