Thursday, March 10, 2016

If Love Is Blind Then I Wish You Were Out Of Sight

This is something that I picked up on one of my first record-shopping trips into Boston after moving into the area last year - at a store on Mass. Ave that sold mostly old jazz sides, so I was somewhat psyched when I saw this peeking out at me from one of the bins, and not just because it's a great single but also because it was just a buck. Dynamic Truths were wunna Bob Schick's post-Honor Role bands (Honor Role = legendary), and this 7" was the only thing that they released, at least up until a retrospective CD that came out on Little Black Cloud about a half-decade ago (which I've actually never seen, tho I managed to swipe a couple mp3's from some blog way back when). Musically this sorta sounds like Honor Role re-imagining songs from the first Christian Death LP, and if that sounds lame to you then it's not, it's fuggin' top notch. I just pull these descriptions out of my ass, you realize that by now, right?

Dynamic Truths -

"You Take It All"

"Profit From Loss"

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Pecota said...

Thanks, both of these tracks are great. The comp on black clouds is pretty awesome as well.