Saturday, June 4, 2016

I've Never Been An Intellectual But I Have This Look

 photo UrochromesWizzardSleeveCaption_zpsjvy22sq9.jpg

If you happen to see a copy of the new(-ish) Urochromes/Wizzard Sleeve split then grab it, because the Urochromes side shreds, plus it doesn't seem to be on the Free Music Archive like I thought all the WFMU live in-studio sessions were, so this is probably your only way of hearing it. (The Wizzard Sleeve side is okay too, just, y'know, not Urochromes.) I've blown a couple of chances at seeing Urochromes live because I'm kinda not good at sniffing things out that way, I guess; they actually played at the tail end of the Tenement / Big Zit show that I went to last year, but I split before their set because it was late and I had a two-hour drive home and if I stuck around any longer all the coffee in the world wasn't gonna keep me out of the trees. Should've stuck around to see them and buy their demo tape, though, I would've been SO AHEAD OF THE CURVE if I did. That's important to like two people, who all post on Termbo or the Jerkbooth so fuck 'em.

Urochromes -

"My Disposition"

"2 Men"

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