Thursday, July 28, 2016

Most Of The Time I'm Not Much Fun, The Rest Of The Time I'm Not Any Fun At All

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The first Flying Nun record that I ever bought new was the Jean Paul Sartre Experience "I Like Rain" 7", which I dug a whole lot, even though it was a bit more delicate than what I was usually listening to at the time. Besides, it had a cool silkscreened cover - I think mine was orange. Eventually I got rid of it (probably to make room for another dumb Sebadoh 7"), although at some point further along I picked up the first JPSE 12", which actually came out before the "I Like Rain" 7-inch, so I kinda bought them backwards I guess (plus, I was kidding, I didn't actually collect Sebadoh 7-inchers). This one's been most helpfully broken up into a "rock music" side and a "quiet" side, no doubt aimed towards assisting "rock" dummies like me in figuring out which side to play first, although the quiet side is neat as well and songs like "Own Two Feet" and "Walking Wild" are obvious precursors to the likes of Dick Diver, Salad Boys, Lower Plenty, Bitch Prefect, Twerps, etc. Okay, maybe it's not so obvious.

Jean Paul Sartre Experience -


"Fish In The Sea"

"Loving Grapevine"

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Chris said...

This post triggers a few memories as I saw these guy play in a small New Zealand town in the mid 90's. The population of the town is less than a thousand people. It was a weird but cool show as they played with a hard rock band who'd had a couple of top twenty hits.

Back in the late eighties friends of mine used to play "I like Rain" when they busked along with Violent Femmes songs.

Also around 1985 or so I won the In Love With These Times compilation from some pop magazine and that was the first time I heard JPSE. I think "Flex" was on the LP.