Monday, August 22, 2016

Without Geometry, Life Is Pointless

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I'm always running into guys talking about bands they think have been unfairly ignored / overlooked, although most of the time it's some idiot talking about The Strokes (srsly I've seen this) or Flaming Lips or Tame Impala or something. If there's a band out there that I think genuinely fits that bill, though, it's Hue Blanc's Joyless Ones (you can go ahead and disagree with me, that's what reading other blogs is for). I've never seen them live -- they're from Wisconsin or something, which is a part of Canada or up by Alaska I think, wouldn't know, don't have any friends there -- but I have three of their albums, none of which I paid any more than three dollars for. I think S-S Records will give you a whole box of their second LP just for asking. Dunno why this is, though, because there stuff is endlessly rocking, like Death of Samantha / Cle-era Prisonshake with shittier production values (and less '70s hard rock moves, but whatever). You could even listen to three of their songs right now if you want, including the one that I fucked up but left the way it is because I don't give a shit, or not. Watch out when you listen to "Cynical Courtship etc etc" though, it's got a kinda screwy keyboard part that'll make you think yr smoke alarm is going off.

Hue Blanc's Joyless Ones -


"Auto Erotic Uh Fixation"

"Cynical Courtship Of The Seraphim Sister"

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