Saturday, September 17, 2016

If You Don't Like My Standards Then I Have Others

 photo NewYorkEyeAndEarControlCaption_zpsyhuwtahm.jpg

"I've owned albums with cover art way worse than this", I sometimes tell myself in an effort to provide myself some comfort whenever I pull this one out of the milk crate, but it doesn't really help.

Still one of the best compilations ever -- not "Flex Your Head" level, or "Boston Not L.A." level, but maybe only a step or two below. This flows remarkably well, considering for the most part it's a bunch of aggressive/weird NYC bands thrown next to each other. Perhaps due to marketability issues, the label folded not long after this was released.

"The Dustdevils discography is very long and confusing so why don't you just go to Sounds and look in the 'D' bin instead" -- from the liner notes, which presumably someone was fired over.

Dustdevils -

"Throw The Bottle Full"

Cop Shoot Cop -


Circle X -

"Crash (St. Sebastian of The Hood)"


"Alive With Pleasure"

Unsane -



pillihp zelaznog said...

Awesome record! Circle X is great on this comp.

Brushback said...

The Circle X track is probably my favorite track on this comp

Devil Dick said...

i totally dig that weird ass fitch tune....