Saturday, May 7, 2016

A Genius Is The One Most Like Himself

I had a thought of doing a "best live sets of 2015" recap earlier in the year, but like most things that idea quickly fell out of my head and I never picked it back up again. Definitely the best live band I saw last year was Uranium Club, back in November; I drove all the way to Providence just to see them (although Neutral Fixation II were on the bill, too, which made the trip worth it) and they were completely killer and their set was way tight, as any good band that's been on tour for a while tends to get. I mean, their songs are full of starts and stops and so forth and they didn't even bother really looking at each other or counting things off all that much, just starting each song or shifting through changes on-the-dot like it was the most natural thing in the world for anyone to do. Afterwards I asked them if it was actually The Minneapolis Uranium Club Band or just Uranium Club and they said "it can be whatever you want it to be", so that's cool. I think I'll start calling them Toto. Wait, that joke isn't even halfway funny. They also had some buttons and pencils for sale, and a weird hand-out about radiation poisoning, which I'm not sure where I put it so I think I lost mine. Anyway, their album (heavy Midwest legacy rock / Dow Jones & The Industrials damage) was originally self-released on a cassette and then Fashionable Idiots pressed it up as an LP and it sold out in like five months; I think it's be re-released overseas since, though. When I first bought the record last year I was so excited over it that I ripped it to my computer - which takes a couple of hours - because it didn't come with a download code, which was before I found out that you could get the whole thing as a free download on the Fashionable Idiots bandcamp. Duh. Also, the center labels on the record are faked, like a bootleg, and they dropped a card inside the jacket explaining that it was the pressing plant's fault but I'm pretty sure they just made that part up.

The Minneapolis Uranium Club Band -

"Rafter Man"

"Vanishing Point"

Also, someone at the show videotaped their set and you can watch the whole thing here, it's pretty great:

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