Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Eternal Nothingness Is Fine If You Happen To Be Dressed For It

My 99-cent tour through the Siltbreeze catalog rolls along with this Ashtabula 12", which from the outside looks like it could be an abstract noise record, but on the inside is actually loud, catchy indie rock à la Sebadoh, or Helikopter (Balt-o band that I posted about once), or even Siltbreeze alums Monkey 101 in a handful of ways. Side Two meanders a bit, otherwise I wouldn't dig this as much -- if it were more straightforward it would be disappointing -- although there's still some part of me that wonders why this rec is such an easy pick-up on Discogs, especially considering its prime Bardo Pond / Strapping Fieldhands pedigree. But, it worked out in my favor this time (unlike the Sam Esh + Hard Black Thing record, which I'll probably never listen to again), so far be it for me to complain.

Ashtabula -


"Way Too Fast"


Anonymous said...

Another excellent share here, music I wouldn't have heard otherwise and the whole reason I got started with this blog to begin with. Thanks for a solid choice again. :D
-- Tacoma

Brushback said...


Pretty sure this make me really cool


kold_kadavr_ flatliner said...

You'll croak.
I'll croak.
Everyone croaks...
trust N jesus