Sunday, October 29, 2017

There Is Nothing New Under The Sun But There Are A Lot Of Old Things We Don't Know

This started out with a bunch of songs that I was listening to on my mp3 player in the car the other week, and the songs all seemed to fit together pretty well so I decided to make a podcast out of it. The voice-overs kinda blow, but I'm workin' on it.

We're Not So Smart podcast (episode 1), 10/20/17

Golden Boys - Cincinnati (12XU)
Diat - Pick a Line (Iron Lung)
Pill - Empathizer (Dull Tools)
The County Liners - Love Letter (Wharf Cat)
Alan Vega Alex Chilton Ben Vaughn - Lover of Love (Light in The Attic)
-- (initial verbal interruption) --
Spray Paint and Ben Mackie - Friendly Moving Man (12XU)
Blau Blau - Star Come Out (self-released)
Good Morning - Step Aside (Solitaire Recordings)
Cobra Verde - World Can't Have Her (Scat)
Nosebleed - My Rules (Grave Mistake)
Rash - Parlour Games (Slugsalt)
Rob Noyes - Paydirt (Poon Village)
-- (secondary verbal interruption) --
Salad Boys - No Taste Bomber (Melted Ice Cream)

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