Sunday, April 19, 2015

I've Been Meaning To Try Harder For At Least A Decade

Carbon 14 was one of those ubiquitous glossy-covered typeset 'fanzines' from back in the '90s that sucked pretty wildly, which I know is my standard reaction to most '90s zines: "it sucked", only this time instead of just relying on my memory I've got a Carbon 14 zine review from an old issue of Brushback to back me up ("used to be when a zine sucked it was a xerox job that only cost 50 cents, now they're all full-blown mags that cost 5 bucks and it's starting to get on my nerves"). One issue of Carbon 14 came with a Chrome Cranks 7" that was so awful that it swore me off everything else by Chrome Cranks from there on out -- I dunno, did I miss anything? I ended up buying one more issue of Carbon 14 after that, which was terrible as well, but the EP that came with it was actually pretty solid, as far as the b-side goes at least. The Ultra Bide track is borderline heavy/insane, and the Cosmic Psychos track -- which I'm sure is the reason why I relented and bought the thing -- is a 'very metal' version of "Back In Town", or "very meht-tahl" as Dee Snider used to say it.

Ultra Bide -

"Kill Me Tender"

Cosmic Psychos -

"B.I.T. (Very Metal)"

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ib said...

The sleeve itself is rather wonderful.