Sunday, May 31, 2015

My Electric Toothbrush Is Broken So Now I Use My Acoustic One

Two of the guys in Tar were once in a band that put out one of the worst hardcore 7"-ers ever (Blatant Dissent), and one of the guys in Tar (the drummer) once piloted one of the worst fanzines ever (Non-Stop Banter... no, wait, it was the Big Yeah), but that was okay once Tar records started coming out because Tar records was good stuff. I remember getting the first Tar single - the one that looked like bingo cards - and thinking to myself, alright, here's another good band to start paying attention to. "Handsome" came out afterwards, and even though it had only one really good song on it, overall it was still pretty ace. A bit too much like Big Black if Big Black had a real drummer, but whatever. Tar also had a habit of using the words "Chicago" and "Albini" on all of their record sleeves at least three or four times, don't know what that was all about; I guess they were from Chicago and were friends with Steve Albini, or something. If you dig Tar and want to check out more (besides the CDs that used to litter every dollar bin back in the late '90s, those were the days), there's a retrospective double-LP that came out on Chunklet a couple of years ago which was the recipient of one of the most effusive handjobs in the history of indie music-crit writing ("a litany of minor and 7th chords" etc etc) by some blog that writes about music a lot. Not this one, obviously - like I could give a shit.

Tar -


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