Monday, February 2, 2015

I Have A Different Definition Of Funny Than Most People

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When I heard that there was going to be a new Speaking Canaries LP out on Chunklet, I almost pissed my pants. Not literally, of course (it's not writing* if you're not lying just a little bit), but I was still pretty damn excited. Robert Griffin had mentioned years ago in the liner notes to 97 that there was an unfinished Speaking Canaries LP just laying around somewhere, "scrapped due to lack of funds, and Damon is somewhat ambivalent about completing it", but I'm pretty sure that's not what this is. What this is, in fact, is the first-ever Speaking Canaries recordings from 1990, meaning prior to "The Joy of Wine", even. Now, I love all the Speaking Canaries records as if they were my own children (there's that 'lying' part again), but "Joy of Wine" doesn't represent the best level of rocking out of all of them -- hey, you can't have all five of them be your favorite -- but fear not, "Platter Base Must Be Constructed of Moon Rock" is easily on the level of "Terrestrially Challenged", "Life-Like Homes", and "Get Out Alive" as far as quality-of-rockin' goes. I don't remember hearing any vocals on any of the tracks, which is why they're labeled as demos I guess, but this is definitely not basement-level sonics here. I haven't heard the vinyl yet, which I'm sure sounds amazing, but I was listening to the files in the car and when "Winning Son" came on it just exploded out of the speakers. You may recognize a couple of the song titles from other Speaking Canaries releases ("Toblewee Uslywus", the aforementioned "Winning Son"), but the tracks that I've never heard before or possibly didn't end up as other songs are total fucking hurricanes. "Mitchum Dope", "Hall of Force", etc etc, will all blow your head off like the rotten melon that it is, especially if you dig ROKKK, which I kinda fucking do. *ha ha, I called this writing

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