Sunday, April 6, 2014

Everyone I Know Is An Asshole

A snazzy 48-song CD of Sockeye stuff -- including Rush, Crass, Happy Flowers, and Fang covers -- packaged to look like a 7" so that hopefully Scott Munroe would try to play it on his turntable and break it. The place where I got this doesn't seem to be around anymore, but you can Google 100% Zero and most likely find a copy. Like you really need a 79-minute CD-R of Sockeye rarities? Yes. Yes, you do.

Sockeye -

"All My Friends Have Feet"

"Everyone I Know is an Asshole"

"Slam Dunk Your Ass"

"Vietnam Was Funny"

"INXS Guy"

"Train Wreck Scavenger Hunt"

"You Plus Us Is Yus"

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