Saturday, April 26, 2014

I Found The Secret Of Life The Other Day But Then It Kinda Bummed Me Out

I could've sworn that a TWIABP song was playing over the PA when I walked into the Firehouse for this show, but then I went to a Five Guys a couple of nights later and the same song was playing so now I just think it was Modest Mouse or something... they had to put down wood planks out in the back yard so people could step over the muck, which reminded me of when I used to live up in Maine during mud season, plus there's that cross beam at the bottom of the stairway to the deck which I'm always almost hitting my head on. You have no idea what I'm talking about, and that's okay... I ended up digging Fat Creeps' set way more than I expected, which later had me digging around through their on-line discography a little bit more, which is how I found this sorta-new track "He Comes In Loudly" which was my favorite song all week the first week that I heard it. It took about ten listens before I decided that the song was near-perfect -- it's the "ooooh-oooh-oooh ahh-aahh-ahhh" harmony part that really kills me -- with the instrumentation perfectly matched by the laconic vocal delivery which only gets odder as the song progresses. Cool shit, you should check it out (down below, that's how this stuff works). Bands like Fat Creeps are always getting compared to Grass Widow for some reason, but I hear a lot of Broken Water in them, mixed with some slo-core (things like Low and stuff), though they have some straight-up rockier/poppier songs, too. The bass player pumps out cool New Order-type propulsive bass lines non-stop, and when a band's rhythm section is locked-on (as they are here) it just makes things sound so much better... in-between bands they played "Customer" (my favorite Replacements song) and the rest of "Sorry Ma" too, which I think is the second time I've been to the Firehouse where they've done that, so someone there knows what's up... GNäRDS ruled, plus they did a Roky cover! When I first peeked at their set list and saw that it was like twelve songs long, in my head I was like "come on guys, you're the shitty openers, no one wants to hear every single one of your shitty songs" but then all of their songs were like seventy seconds or less and they all fuckin' ripped -- making me think of something like Yi's "Got a Stone" (wicked rocking and sorta spastic like that), only not as good obviously since nobody's as good as Yi, but still. About two songs into their set I'd forgotten all about their Wikipedia-length set list and instead was going (in my head) "who is this shitty opening band that I've never heard about that somehow fuckin' rules?" Their last two songs were kinda crappy -- gotta stay away from that late-era Minutemen/Big Boys funk stuff -- but, you know, it's like your pal Nik Carter says, it's about a vibe, it's about a feeling, where were you when you first heard Guns 'n Roses?, which makes you wanna punch him in the face. You have no idea what I'm talking about, and that's okay.

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