Sunday, March 30, 2014

Save Your Bullshit For Somebody Else

When I'd say "best band I've seen at The Whitney House all year" it used to mean something, except now it means a lot less seeing as this was only the second Whitney House show I've been to in the last 8 months, unless I just don't know how to count (which is possible). It's not to hard to figure out that the quality of the coverage on this blog is heavily tied to the quality of bands that both The Whitney House and Popeye's Garage bring in, and now that both places are slowing down or have gone under over the past couple of years, well, you see what happens. Downhill fuckin' city. Anyway, Catholic Guilt are from New London -- if you remember Mike from atrilliongallonsofgas (who was also in Ferocious Fucking Teeth for a while), he's in this band -- and yeah, they were pretty impressive. I've been hearing about them for a while (from people in bands who have played The Orphanage), but hardcore isn't the first thing that pops into my head when I think about New London, so I kinda let the talk just wash right over me, but they pretty much tore things up. Seth would probably help me out with the names of a few bands that Catholic Guilt sounded like, only Seth wasn't there that night, so I'm on my own. Maybe powerviolence with some extended heavy stoner/psych parts and a crazed motherfucker of a singer, I guess. Similar to what a bunch of bands Providence and Boston sound like, if that helps you at all.

This was the second time in two weeks that I saw The Excrementals, who're made up of a bunch of New Haven people who've been in a bunch of other bands I've seen before (although for the life of me I can't remember the other band that Joe used to sing for, maybe when I remember I'll edit this) (oh, wait, it was Loach, I think). They're your basic no-frills punk band, not crusty or street or anything like that. Here's a video you can watch, from a show that wasn't at Whitney House:

Sorry that it's so small, but we're way over budget on our video streaming this month.

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