Saturday, March 29, 2014

Fuck Rock 'N Roll, I'd Rather Read A Book

The fact that main Dead Wives honcho Mike Falcone is the drummer in Speedy Ortiz is probably the least interesting thing about the new Dead Wives cassette, which doesn't prevent his really-on-top-of-stuff label from displaying it in at least five different places as soon as you open up the e-mail. Despite all of that (and the fact that they misspell his name, too-- gee, I gotta get me one of these cushy publicists jobs one of these days. Hey, Erick Bradshaw, think it'll work?), it's still a record that's well worth your time checking out, and comes totally recommended on this end. Now, if you could only find a link to order the darn cassette... never mind, I'll just click on one of the spots where it says "Speedy Ortiz", and that should do it. Same difference, right?

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