Saturday, March 22, 2014

Young Governor Is Reinventing Graham Bonnet

One of crummy things about me being too lazy to post on this blog much at all is that there are a bunch of records that I never got to, like this Marvelous Darlings compilation that I bought at the Flywheel a couple of years ago and didn't even bother to redeem the download code for until just a couple days ago (I've had most of the files on my computer for years anyway, but still). I'm sure some of you know the story about Marvelous Darlings by now: a bunch of ex-hardcores (Fucked Up, No Warning) decide to start a power pop band, only most of this stuff sounds like Cheap Trick's "In Color" hooked up to the "Kids Don't Follow" machine, or like the great supercharged hard rock that used to be on the radio all the time when I was a kid -- early Rush, Loverboy, Rainbow, Dio-era Sabbath, April Wine, Aldo Nova, Fastway, Taxxi, Triumph, arena-rock-era Kinks, etc etc. I'd like to think that it's just a co-incidence that half of those bands I just mentioned were also Canadian (even though Triumph kinda sucked and were mostly just a Rush tribute act, except for that one album that was pretty good). Kinda funny how Marvelous Darlings called their singles compilation "Single Life" when MOTO called theirs "Single File", which is just the same letters switched around, although I don't think that was intentional, or even worth mentioning, except that I did already.

Marvelous Darlings -

"The Swords, The Streets"

"Teenage Targets"

"The Only Ones For Miles"


Anonymous said...

What's this got to do with Graham Bonnet?

Brushback said...

He sounds like him? It's a joke reference to an album title.