Friday, March 21, 2014

Just Nod Your Head So They'll Go Away Again

We were told not to park in the church parking lot next door, so I drove around the block a couple of times and just as I was making a right off Washington a cop came up right behind me and turned his lights on for me to pull over. I wasn't doing anything anyway (I was actually kinda driving a little slow and looking for a place to park), so as I started to slide towards the shoulder Mr. Policeman sorta sauntered past me (there was no emergency, obviously) and cut his lights as soon as he was two feet ahead of me, meaning he was being a dick and just wanted me to move out of the way so he could get to the Dunkin' before it closed or whatever. Not that it was the worst thing that happened all night, which was some kid who was at the show getting hit by a car crossing the street, I'm told he's okay now though. I ended up parking in the church lot anyway, as did everyone else. Screw your rules.

Anyway, Blessed State started off their set with a really long drawn out song (unless it was two songs put together, I wasn't really paying attention) which seemed like it wasn't gonna go anywhere but then all of a sudden this great hook just started popping up, like I'm telling you it was a really good song and I started getting into it, and it was fuckin' long, too, I don't usually like long songs. I hope they haven't really finished their record like they say they have and can put this one on it, because it really should be on there, it's really cool. I think they ended up playing one or two other new songs, too, only their set got cut short because the thing that happened outside, but maybe I'll be seeing Blessed State again this weekend and I can figure it all out then.

There were some other bands that played but they were just some people from around, nothing to get too worked up about. That was a joke, you obviously haven't been here before.

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