Sunday, October 13, 2013

I Know You're Dying But I've Got Feelings Too

"Almost-hooky, almost-lost-it Almost Rock, the best songs on here move like almost nothing else and distortion makes just about anything sound better, even Fran Healy when the Mets are on Channel 9. 'I realize that I look at my guitar like I used to look at my boyfriend' is a funnier line when the guy in Farmertan sings it" -- Yips review from Brushback #6 (1997)
The Yips were one of my favorite bands from the 90's; Gilmore Tamny gave really cool interviews (the one in the Matador zine about the clock radio falling down and playing the Kinks was pretty funny, at least) and "The Blue Flannel Bathrobe Butterfly" was right snazzy, even though I had it on CD, which was how almost everything was made back in the late '90s. Once the Aughts rolled around, making things easier to find, you weren't stuck with just Tim Adams' bullshit catalog or whatever, I ordered a copy on vinyl from Siltbreeze, although they dithered around with my order and sent me "Bonfire in a Dixie Cup" instead. Not that I minded, I mean, it's a great album, too. Probably even better. I got to meet Gilmore Tamny earlier this year when the band she has now, Weather Weapon, played up in Cambridge. I started to talk to her about how I really liked the Yips and everything, and she walked away before I finished the first sentence. I can be pretty boring sometimes, obviously.

The Yips -

"Cut The Shit"

"Bonfire in a Dixie Cup"

"Sometimes, It's Fleatime"

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