Thursday, October 10, 2013

God I Feel So Numb But Fuck I Sound Terrific

When What’s Your Rupture? released a solo Kevin Boyer 7" a few years back it had people popping boners everywhere, but I wasn’t able to track down a copy myself. Now there’s this CD-R, which came out on Doubles Tapes last year and includes the rest of the solo sessions, recorded over ten years ago with Fred Thomas (Saturday Looks Good To Me). Most of what you’ll find here is total power-pop with just the bare minimum of resemblance to Tyvek, and there’s 6 or 7 really stellar tracks on here, including the 7" tracks and a ghostly, scratched-up cover of the Buzzcocks’ "Love You More". Had I bought the 7" (or this CD-R) at the time it was released, it would’ve made a strong push for my record-of-the-year.

Kevin Boyer -

"Something's Gonna Come Up"


Anonymous said...

Is there any place you can still order this? Tried to web search "Double Tapes" and "Kevin Boyer Something's Gonna Come Up" and am getting nothing. Would like to hear more of this. Thanks.

Brushback said...

Send a e-mail here:

Anonymous said...

You need to check out Beware Of The Knight. Find it on Bandcamp.