Saturday, September 28, 2013

Seeming To Do Is Not Doing

Bold Beginnings - An Incomplete Collection of Louisville Punk, 1978-1983 (Noise Pollution, 2007)

A really great comp that came out on Noise Pollution about five or six years ago. The guy who put it out sent me a copy a long time ago and I’m still not sure why, because I really don’t do reviews on this blog. None that are any good, at least. Maybe he was just hoping for a mention. Anyway, this comp was one of the few places where you could hear some of the killer Endtables 7" tracks (Joe Stumble's "Last Days" blog was one of the the other places), before the re-issue 12" that came out on Drag City a couple of years ago. Another amazing band on this comp is No Fun, which features Tara Key and a couple of future members of Circle X. Their tracks (from '78) are all unreleased stuff rescued from cassettes and so forth, and are kinda like if Dangerhouse put out a band that would end up sounding like The Terminals or something. Pretty fuckin' excellent, if you ask me. So, after all these years, here’s a mention.

No Fun -


"Evasive Measures"

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