Saturday, October 26, 2013

Hell Used To Be A Nice Place Before The Rest Of You Showed Up

I own two Coffinberry CDs; one of them sucks, this one doesn't. At least, not if you're into something that sounds like Wilco "Being There" crossed with one of those Tommy Stinson or Paul Westerberg albums, which this sorta does (although track 9 could be a dead-ringer for a "Dirty Moons" outtake and track 2 kinda rips off that guy's "Aeroplane" record or whatever it was). Of course, some of this sounds like a shitty Pete Yorn CD, too. Still, there's enough great rock songs on here to make me wonder why this CD didn't do a lot better, although maybe the guys in the band being a bunch of dicks had something to do with it. Dunno if that's true or not, it's just something I heard.

Coffinberry -


"Earthworms in The Sun"

"Freeway Ends"

"Write This"

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