Friday, November 1, 2013

My Shit's Better Than Other People's Diamonds

This is a tape that Tyvek was lugging around with them the last time they passed through. Unlike the "Demos" cassette which previewed the amazing "Nothing Fits" LP, there's nothing startling or earth-shattering to be found here; the tape warbles in and out in spots, all the songs start and stop abruptly, and (as the j-card warns) this mostly documents a bunch of extended jamming that was being made-up on the spot, and sounds like it. Still, I'm sure a bunch of interested people didn't get a chance to hear this, and since I happened to be ripping the tape anyway (beats soaking yr feet I guess), here's a track for you to check out.

"Five new songs in practice/demo tape-style. Recorded direct to boombox for maximum transparency/opacity! No hi-speed dubbing-- tape already fast yo.
NSA has not heard this tape."

Tyvek -

"Systematic Dreaming"

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