Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I Made Them All Run Away

This is a single that came with some crummy fanzine back in the Nineties, except the only thing I have left is the single so I don't even remember what the name of the zine was anymore. Actually I do know, because I googled it yesterday, but it's more fun to just say the zine sucks. The Nothing Painted Blue track isn't anything special but you should still probably listen to it anyway, because even a non-special NPB track can still have some interesting qualities to reveal (plus my descriptions are usually wrong). Refrigerator are another one of those "thing" bands from the ill-fated Shrimper Revolution -- like Paste, Wallpaper, Fishstick, and so forth -- only this time it's actually Dennis Callaci (of Shrimper) who's in the band. I've spent my entire life trying to spell "Refrigerator" as "Refridgerator", I just don't know who else to blame for it. One of the three Refridgerator tracks here is pretty freaking awesome: "Signal" has a really cool way that the drums and guitar riff rub up against each other, kinda like a vintage Spoon song, or Silkworm's "Couldn't You Wait", only not quite as rocking. More like the kind of thing that Fat History Month are doing now. If you wanna hear the whole 7", Mike Rok Lok posted it on his blog about a year ago, so go pay him a visit.

Nothing Painted Blue -


Refrigerator -



Anonymous said...

Not that it matters terribly, but "Anti-Nomination" is a Refrigerator song, covered here by NPB. I have always liked NPB's covers - they did a great cover of "Rock and Roll Friend" by the Go-Betweens (on Power Trips Down Lovers' Lane) and though I never much cared for the original, "Centerfold" by J. Geils Band (bonus single that came with the Monte Carlo Method LP).

Brushback said...

Thanks, that's actually pretty crucial (not the first time I've missed a track being a cover, doh).