Sunday, August 19, 2012

Everybody's Stupid And Lame

"I've recently had to come to terms with enjoying all the Fleetwood Mac songs I ignored as a kid" -- Franklin Bruno, upon reviewing this record

I doubt any of you will listen to this because the cover art is boring and the band's name is Vomit Launch, and that'll be your fuckin' loss. I've had a soft spot for Vomit Launch ever since reading an issue of Lawrence Crane's "Chico Hell" zine back in the mid-80s, which is probably the lamest excuse ever for liking a band ("hey, the bass player's zine was cool, it made me laugh"). No, really, this is some pretty ace rocked-out indie pop. Second-best stage banter for a 'plausibly live' record ever, behind that one Black Oak Arkansas LP.

Vomit Launch -

"Curl Up and Dye"

"Go Your Own Way"


Holly said...

Check their earlier stuff - "Swelling Admiration" is an amazing song!

Brushback said...

I think the only other thing I have is their Teenbeat 7", I'm not sure which songs are on it.

Holly said...

It's on their s-r 'Not Even Pretty' lp (1987, I think), which Teen Beat reissued as a cd with lots of xtra tracks sometime in the 90s. The cd s/b easy to find. Spent many a tipsy party playing/singing said song... ah youth.

Jere said...

Just yesterday I found a "Ray's Music Exchange" T-shirt online. Now a "Curl Up & Dye" usage! Which also could be considered your second Blues Brothers reference on the blog this month.

Brushback said...

Purely unintentional, I swear. There's nothing wrong with the action in this piano.