Sunday, August 26, 2012

Everything In This Book May Be Wrong

I saw Birth of Flower in New Britain last night; in an accident of perfect timing, I showed up just as they were setting up to play, and then I left right afterwards. Ovlov were supposedly also on the bill, but when I didn't see any of them around by the time the 3rd band was setting up, I figured I'd call it a night and jetted home to get an early night's sleep, only to have nightmares about the new Hostage Calm record... I guess Birth of Flower's sets are now 5 songs that are all seven minutes long, which, seriously, I can't think of any other band I like that does that (Stone Titan, maybe?)... last show for Birth of Flower for a while because of school and everything, so all but six of you missed out.

Birth of Flower, "Sophist"

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