Monday, April 9, 2012

I'm Just Letting You Know That You're Wrong

Ferocious Fucking Teeth's LP release show was at Cafe Nine the other month, only I was too burnt out lazy to write about it at the time. You should definitely check out this record, though, because not only is it a great, heavy record-- one of the top 5 records that'll come out of CT this year, without a doubt-- but once again Safety Meeting did a really good job with the printing and packaging for the whole thing. (The LP also comes with a CD, so don't worry about it if you don't own a turntable.) Lately I've been seeing the words "stoner sludge" associated with this band, perhaps tongue-in-cheek, who knows, but to me their riffs lean a lot more towards bands like Gore (only with a crazy guy singing) and Brainbombs, to give a couple of examples. Two drummers, too, which is nuts. This is a band that had their shit down from the very beginning, so now here's your proof.

Ferocious Fucking Teeth -

"Fuck on a Weeknight"

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