Saturday, April 7, 2012

We Got Ripped Off

Here's a scan of the Iron Hand interview that ran in the last issue (#347) of MRR -- the photos are mine, which is the extent of my involvement. You can click on the images to get a bigger version. Kinda wish the layout of the first page wasn't so lazy, but whatever, it's not my place to complain about it. Win some, lose some.

Iron Hand played at Wesleyan last night, actually; the bill was supposed to be Iron Hand - Hoax - Crazy Spirit, only Crazy Spirit never showed because they broke up two years ago. Iron Hand were down one guitar player because Ryan had to fill in bass, which diluted their sound somewhat, but they were still good. A possible split with Stone Titan is in the works (read the interview). By the way, Hoax friggin' killed again; their slow parts are just way too good, like street punk and metal mixed together. When they gear it down and lock it in, it's as if Cockney Rejects or Cock Sparrer had Megadeth riffs. I'm also starting to figure out that Hoax's drummer is one of the most effortlessly loud drummers I've ever heard. Jesse popped off on a couple of annoying dickweeds who'd been acting like douchebags the whole night, which was pretty great.

Iron Hand, "Usurper Divine"

This was meant to be an Iron Hand post, but I'm also gonna throw in
this track that I ripped from the new Hoax EP on Youth Attack,
just because I think it's cool.

Hoax -

"Skills or Death"


Anonymous said...

ugh- unless i'm missing something, is the only place to get the Hoax ep from the label for nine freaking bucks?

Brushback said...

Well, yeah, Youth Attack 7"-ers are pretty expensive, though it's because of the packaging. This one's pressed on heavy vinyl, and the sleeve is an elaborate die-cut, fold-out type deal. Even the band themselves were selling them for $9 at the show Friday night.

Kinda stinks if you just wanna pay 4 or 5 bucks to hear a few songs on a 7", but I think Youth Attack's mission right now is to release stuff that's almost as much "art" as it is anything else.