Sunday, April 15, 2012

I'd Rather Not Hear You Breathing

I used to get a fair number of promos in the mail back when I was still doing Brushback 'zine, although because it was the late '90s what I got were mostly Too Much Joy CDs and crap. Out of the small handful of freebie 7"-ers that I did get, the Plus Tax 7" grew to be one of my favorites. Plus Tax was a solo effort from Shirk Circus frontman Josh Silverman (who passed away last year, unfortunately), and while Shirk Circus were more like straight-up power pop, the a-side here, "Hey Sunshine", is a shambling, noisy wreck. It doesn't sound like much of a song at first listen-- the singing seems to be in some random key and the drumming is barely functional, for instance-- but once I gave this a few spins, I started to pick up on the odd "Powderfinger"-like quality that was seeping out of it, or something that was like the first Dinosaur 7" even. Not to mention that the casually-placed "la la la's" are a total riot, also. I never got around to printing the review that I wrote back then, but I'm posting this for you to listen to now, so maybe that'll make up for it.

+Plus Tax+ -

"Hey Sunshine"

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