Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Stick To What You're Good At

None of Oiltanker's mics seemed to be working last Friday, which in some ways maybe isn't a bad thing, but their set still plummeled anyway. As far as everything else goes, they sounded as good as ever, and you'd have a hard time finding a band that sounds better within the acoustics of the Whitney House basement better than Oiltanker... I was hoping that Cleansing Wave would blow the doors off the place, too, based upon their demo, which I've been listening to for a solid month now trying to figure the damn thing out. There's a solid layer of reverb and distortion over the recording that gives the demo a real Cult Maternal type vibe (Neon Blud/Slavescene/etc.), but with some heavy riffs underneath that I figured would only get heavier and more pronounced when the songs were played live. Except that on Friday, Cleansing Wave's sound was almost a carbon copy of their demo: same amount of reverb on the vocals, guitar on about the same level in the mix. They brought green lights with them when I was hoping they'd bring a hammer. Maybe not as insane as I had hoped, but still good. ("Toad" is a studio mp3 swiped from bandcamp, by the way, while "Nap Necessity" is my own sub-standard tape rip.)

Cleansing Wave -


"Nap Necessity"

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