Monday, July 11, 2011

There's Nothing Worth Anything In My Head

Here's the second Modern Machines LP, some more flat-out early 'Mats-ish rock n roll with an ear for the occasional Bob Stinson flaming guitar solo.. oh, sorry, that's "Bent Outta Shape-ish" for you younger kids... the one time I saw Modern Machines, I was immediately impressed with just how naturally great Nate is, as both a singer and guitar player... a great band that remains sorely underappreciated around here (I think)... I've also got a test pressing of this, which is nothing special, just looks like a blank 12"... still a nice thing to have, I guess. Exit stage rrright...

Modern Machines -

"Zero Kid"

"Ay, Paisano!"


"(Reverse) The Rotation of The Earth"


jeffen said...

Great band. What's Nate been doing since Radio Faces/Used Kids. I'm sure he's been up to something but it hasn't made it onto my rapidly-aging radar system.

Brushback said...

He's back living in Minnesota now, he's got a new band called Nate Coles and the Blue Diamond Band.