Saturday, July 2, 2011

Everyone's Got Something They Do Badly

Monsterland's "Peanut Butter Karma" single was released in two different versions; the more common version seems to be the one that came out on SpinART in the U.S. with "Why Did I Fall For You?" as the b-side, but there was also a numbered edition released on Serial Killer in the U.K with "Sunburn" as the b-side. I think either b-side is actually better than the a-side (I'm that way sometimes), and "Sunburn" is probably one of my top 3 or 4 favorite Monsterland songs-- I'm just really into the way that the verse starts to take off towards the end, and the start/stop riff that tears apart the little mini-chorus. "Sunburn" also showed up later on the Pop Narcotic "Why Do You Think They Call It Pop?" double-10" compilation, which I have a copy of (a little birdie sent it to me) though I haven't opened it yet.

Monsterland -


Vegas said...

funny how the liner notes say recorded in JAn 91 or 92....gee we certainly didn't know what the hell we were doing. pretty sure it was 92.

Brushback said...

I noticed that-- and my guess was that in January people are still writing down the year before out of reflex, so maybe that's what happened... odd, though, that it was repeated twice on the same insert!