Saturday, May 7, 2011

We'll Get Through Somehow

I once bought a White 7" from a guy, and when it came in the mail it was all scratched up as if someone had dragged a wire brush across it... which is sorta funny, because then there's this other White record-- the one I'm posting now-- which is an unlabeled 7" inside a clear plastic sleeve, and they stuck a chunk of sandpaper inside each one so it's supposed to get all scratched up. I put a small amount of effort into cleaning up the pops and crackles, although I'll warn you that it's the a-side ("It's my fault you're so boring... I should probably kill you") that took the worst of it. The b-side seems to have come out okay. Between the sandpaper idea and the Warren Zevon cover, this whole thing seems pretty brilliant. I mean, I'm seriously busting a gut over here right now.

White -

"Life on the Ranch of Elizabeth Clare Prophet (Isn't All It's Cracked Up to Be)"

"Play It All Night Long"
(Warren Zevon cover)

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