Sunday, May 8, 2011

Strike Where None Resist

Friday's show at the Whitney House started on time, which caught me by surprise because when I got there at my usual 8:30, Oiltanker were already playing (they were halfway through "Consume and Grow" as I entered the basement, if my memory is any good). Late arrival or not, this was probably the best I've ever heard Oiltanker play. I seriously don't think I could name another band that can match Oiltanker for both skill and power; their songs are full of bottom-heavy riffs that sound great when played well, and at full-throttle they're like "Get It Away" SSD at d-beat speed. New LP is at the pressing plant now, I think, so keep an eye out for it... Fuckheads (from Boston) were flat-out awesome. If you want hardcore with noise, then these guys are fuckin' noise-- the singer is totally unintelligble and screeches his lungs out, and the guitar player sounds like he's making a pile of broken glass. They had two tapes with them (a demo from 2010 and another one from barely a month ago), plus they have a 7" coming out soon, and you should buy all of it. They ripped through their set and then walked off, without even saying a word. Friggin' great.

Oiltanker -

"The Circle Complete"

Fuckheads -

"Sit Around"


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