Thursday, May 5, 2011

I've Got A Problem With The Way You Talk

Yet another really interesting bill at Popeye's, with the sort of bands you won't usually find anywhere else... the set-up of the room had been switched around so that the bands were playing against the back wall (which is like sheetrock or fabric or something) instead of the concrete wall in the front. It may have even helped the sound out a bit, but I forgot to notice... Jacques Le Coque are a relatively new band from Stamford, and their approach seems to be from the Ty Segall/Moonhearts side of things, which is a good start I guess. They've got the banners but not the ammo, and as I was standing there watching them on Sunday, nothing really jumped out at me in a "wow, that was really neat what they just did" sort of way. I like at least one of the songs that they've posted on their Facebook, so maybe it'll only be a matter of time; until then, I'll just keep them filed under Warrant for now... Tyler Jon Tyler's set was totally enjoyable, which I'll admit was above what I was expecting. Their records verge on skewed indie pop-- at times sounding like Kate Eldridge fronting Unrest or some other Teenbeat band-- but live their drummer and bass player attacked their parts in an almost math-y way, which gave the songs a little extra kick. I don't remember if the other two guys talked at all, but Rebecca kept making self-conscious jokes throughout the set, which was kinda cool and disarming. They've already posted a video from their set on their web site, which you can check out below (the guy with the camera was right next to my elbow)... Medication's set was short, only about six or seven songs, but 7 songs from Medication is still better than 20 songs from any other band. Mikey writes songs that are amazingly efficient, made up of a few simple parts that sink in quickly, and it's hard not to be awed by how good they are. This also might've been my favorite Medication set out of all the ones I've seen, though I'm not sure why-- maybe because it seemed more casual than all the others, who knows.

Tyler Jon Tyler -


Jacques Le Coque -

"Ain't No Fun"

Medication -

"Farewell Letter"

Tyler Jon Tyler: "Here’s a video of us from Popeye’s Garage, playing a new song
called 'Pacific Daylight Time.' It’s about the SF Giants winning the World Series."

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