Friday, March 4, 2011

Too Many Free Beers

Sounds like Scat-era Guided By Voices cut with bleach/Puff Tube/Sockeye.
Friggin' awesome.

Buy this shitz ----> carcrashavoiders

The Mountain Movers -

"Too Many Free Beers"


Holly said...

This is cool! I need to explore their tumblr. Anything else you recommend? There's only 1 other sample track out on the web as far as I can tell.

Brushback said...

Well, the Mountain Movers tumblr page has a ton of playable mp3's... plus, I've posted other stuff of theirs in the past (a lot of what I've posted is probably on their web site anyway, they put up songs practically every week).

Their formal LPs are actually a lot spacier and more folk/psych oriented. Especially the 3rd album, which Joe Maddelena (Crooked Hook, Explodee, Names For Pebbles) plays on-- his playing has a really heavy stoner vibe.

Their former label,, probably still has some sample mp3's also.

Lonely (drunk) Punk said...

Thanks for all the show reviews--seriously they're appreciated. The "Too Many Free Beers" heading got me thinking, though. CT shows are really scattered across the state. It's a tough place to drink like a Mike Doskocil without driving into people. Does this explain the embarrassing jocko straight-edge scene?

My alcoholism functioned fine in my native Helsinki where only poseurs failed to make punk drunk (even if again). Life is problematic in Bridgeport.

Brushback said...

Seriously, when I go to shows, I almost never drink. I bring a bottle of water with me, or order a ginger ale. EDGE!

It is kinda tough, though, driving back from New London or something, when you can't even find a place to buy a coffee after 9pm.