Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Snagging Enough Bricks To Build A Wall

When Nude Beach played in New Haven a few weeks ago, I mentioned that their two-year-old demo was available for download on If You Make It. Since then the Nude Beach s/t LP has also been added, meaning it's available for download through If You Make It basically for free, though you're encouraged to make a donation (the link for the Nude Beach LP download is here). It's a good one to grab because it's definitely a great album, leading off with a few tracks sounding similar to Bent Outta Shape on side one with some real pop gems hidden towards the end of side two. One of the songs on the flipside that I like the most is "The Mountain and The Moon", which has a stupidly catchy hook and then ratchets up the tempo for the finish. I'd ripped this track a month ago because I was thinking about including it with the earlier Nude Beach post, but since I was already posting "Hit By A Hurricane" (also really poppy), I figured two wimpy tracks at once might be a bit too much for some people. But here it is now, in all its psychedelic glory. Paisley Underground, my ass.

If you still want the vinyl, you're in luck because the LP was recently repressed by Mandible and you can get it from them ( for a mere $10 ppd. There's also an interesting compilation tape out now-- thanks to Built on a Weak Spot for the tip, by the way-- of mostly previously-released stuff from a bunch of NY area bands like Nomos, Night Birds, The Men, Byrds of Paradise, and so forth, and Nude Beach's cover of Alex Chilton's "Hey! Little Child" happens to be on it (if you'll remember, I almost flipped out when they played it in New Haven a few weeks ago). The tape's called "New York Rules", and it includes "an offset printed poster of retarded original artwork made specifically to make your IQ lower." Sounds great (you can go bug the folks at for that one).

Nude Beach -

"The Mountain or The Moon"


Anonymous said...

Upon your recommendation, I went and downloaded these guys' album (and donated $10 - the least I could do) - this thing is friggin' awesome. The more I listen to it, the more I love it - not re-inventing the wheel or anything, but playing some damn fine tunes. I like the way the guitars seem to buzz and chime simultaneously underneath reverbed vocals, and the band's way with a melody is impressive. Love to know more about these guys, but they have very little internet presence (a MySpace page is all I can find, and MySpace both sucks and blows). Thanks for the tip - hoping to hear more from these guys, they're good.

Brushback said...

That's great! I think Nude Beach also has a web site, one of those Anglefire things, but I can't remember what it is now and I'm not about to google "Nude Beach".. it's out there, though, I remember seeing it. Thanks for the comment!

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Brushback said...


Nude Beach (band) Facebook