Saturday, March 5, 2011

Keeping Quiet Is Not That Hard

The first Texas Is The Reason 7" is still one of my favorite records ever, and their split 7"-ers are pretty great, too... which made it even more annoying when their CD ended up sucking so bad, but whatever. Around the same time, a band from Michigan, Empire State Games, started doing something that similar and just as awesome, though they stayed sorta local to their area and quickly broke up before most people knew about them. I posted the second Empire State Games 7" ("100 Years of Baseball" or the "yellow" 7-inch) a while ago-- Makoto sent it to me back in '98, otherwise I might not have ever heard of 'em myself-- but I'd never even heard their first 7" (the "white" 7-inch) until a few years ago, when I was lucky enough to find a copy of this CD EP through a guy that runs a record label in Michigan. The CD collects the four songs from the first Empire State Games 7", plus adds a couple of extra songs, "You Said So Yourself" and "Circus Strongman". None if this is all that special if you have the Discography CD, which came out on Elkion within the last decade and has everything on it, but it's still a neat thing to have the booklet with all the lyrics and stuff. Plus, if you were ever really into the '90s emo/indie thing and bands like Sunny Day Real Estate and Texas Is The Reason, these songs are close to being perfect.

Empire State Games -

"You Said So Yourself"

"The Wrong Way To Hold a Microphone"

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