Thursday, November 4, 2010

I Don't See How That's Funny

A nice tidy single, as heartland-ish Uncle Tupelo/Wilco "A.M."-styled indie rock goes, made slightly more interesting by being Vol. #1 in the Art of the Underground Single Series (which is going on six years and is up to number 50-something now). I really like the way the drums sound on this record, especially on the b-side, "Lydia Ln.", an agreeably loose-sounding mid-tempo rocker that is by far the better of the two songs here. "Friends In Jail" starts off sounding a bit too much like Counting Crows, but redeems itself by the time the bridge comes around with a pretty decent hook. Band has since changed their name to just Failures' Union (note the shifted apostrophe), maybe to make their name easier to come up with whenever you play Scrabble or something.

Failures' Union -

"Lydia Ln."

"Friends in Jail"

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