Saturday, November 6, 2010

To The Furnace Where We'll Break You

When I first found out that Ferocious Fucking Teeth covered "Copper" (my favorite song off "Terraform") on their new tape I was pretty excited, although when I finally listened to the end result I almost didn't recognize it; it had been stripped of its vocals and most of the stuttering guitar riff, leaving only the bottom end. Eventually I saw through the muddiness of the recording (doesn't anyone in New London have a decent 4-track kicking around in an attic somewhere?) and started to enjoy it almost as a psych-rock type rendering, as if Shellac covers were in the realm of something Iron Butterfly would do. The rest of the tape is practically all covers, also, and while I'm about as interested in hearing the Nirvana cover as I am in listening to the Scout Nibblet one, the version of "Rock 'n Roll All Night" is pretty hysterical: it merely repeats the refrain over and over until it takes on the effect of a religious mantra, which it practically was if you were a 12-year-old back in 1977.

The one original song on the tape is "Don't Go", and while the version on the "Fleas Don't Die" compilation is absolutely crushing, this one noodles around a bit. I took the mp3 for it from one of the FFT sites on the internet, so it sounds a bit cleaner; the other two tracks were ripped from the cassette.

Ferocious Fucking Teeth -

(Shellac cover)

"Rock 'n Roll All Night"

"Don't Go (Cassette Redux)"


Anonymous said...


That's because they're playing it wrong.

Speaking of warped covers, have you ever heard Robert Johnson & The Brown's version of Banging The Door by P.I.L.? -- you can check it out here:

RJ & The B's were a side project of U.S. Maple's Todd Rittmann... I've been on the lookout for their two mini-LP's for ages... if you ever come across them...

I'm not sure if you've mentioned or posted about U.S. Maple before, so I don't know your feelings about them but two really great, under-the-radar records came out recently by that bands ex-members... D. Rider's Mother of Curses, which was my favorite record of last year and the new Miracle Condition LP, which I picked up recently. All two people reading this comment should check those out.

I don't know how one sentence turned into a status update for the U.S. Maple family tree.

Brushback said...

My familiarity with US Maple is somewhat limited (having only heard a few songs, that's it) -- they're one of many 90's bands that got buried under "too much to keep up with" for me..

Of course, it's even worse now..