Saturday, October 30, 2010

If I Don't Do It Now It Might Never Happen

Sleepwall's farewell EP didn't draw too much notice when it was released at the end of last year, not that I'm pointing fingers, since I only just bought the record myself. Maybe people decided to overlook this one because they figured that since the band had broken up they'd most likely faded away with a bunch of crappy slow songs on their last record, like a lot of bands have done, but no, this is full of the same total Treepeople excess ("what a bunch of hardcores would sound like after they've moved onto something else") as the first two Sleepwall singles. The recording on this on is a lot stronger than on their earlier records, also, though that might be because it's coming through on a 12" 45. Sometimes this sounds like "Burning In Water" mixed with the good parts of "Fate's Got a Driver", but no matter how you want to describe it, it pretty much rocks the whole way through (though I sorta wish the drummer had played the last track, "You Got Me Bummin'", a bit more straight-up). Too bad I never got to see these guys, they probably woulda been alright.

Sleepwall -

"Since Third Year"

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