Saturday, December 11, 2010

White Bronco

I was listening to Man Without Plan yesterday, which made me think of Hand Grenade Serenade, the late New London-area band. Hand Grenade Serenade's meld of punk rock and metal riffs reminded me of Man Without Plan a lot, although unfortunately they broke up before they had a chance to prove it in the studio; their one proper CD, 2008's "A Black Market Band", was sabotaged by a way-too-pro production job, at least to my ears.

Then today, completely by accident, I happened upon the bandcamp page of White Bronco, a new band carrying an "ex-Hand Grenade Serenade" tag-- that's definitely Andy singing, at least-- and my ears got creased almost immediately. White Bronco definitely have more of a How Do We Jump This High/Dead Broke-type lean than HGS's metal riffs, nearly indie rock really, but the two songs that are posted right now are great, especially "Six for 24". Check out both songs below (you can also download 'em and leave a dollar too, at least), plus White Bronco are also playing Cafe Nine a couple of Thursdays from now (Dec. 30th) with the newly-restarted Murdervan.

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