Saturday, April 26, 2008

Guess I'm Really Screwed

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Connecticut was home to a whole bunch of killer compilations back in the 90's, including the "Chop Whip Grate Liquify" LP/CD, the "One" 7-inch on Capsule, TPOS' "Destroy All Mediocrity" triple-vinyl set, and the Frozen Monkey CD. You're probably thinking to yourself, "I've never heard of a single freakin' one of those records," but trust me, they're all great. You can also add to the list the "I Can't Do Anything With 50 Cents" 7-inch, which came out on Jeff "Spaz" Coleman's Computer Crime label (Jeff was/is the drummer in Seizure, the Injections, Fudge Daddy-O's, and Clusterfuck, among others).

There's five ripping punk tracks here, all of them good, plus a cute Crass rip-off picture sleeve, and then those little extra touches that give a record its character-- in this case, Jeff's goofy explanation about where the comp's ingenious title comes from:

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My favorite song here is Blanket Of Ash's "Too Messed Up", which I regard as the one greatest overlooked gem of the 90's Ct. punk scene and remains the only Blanket Of Ash material to ever be pressed, as far as I know. Ugly Truth's "See You Tonight" is another great pop-punk song, as well as being a notch above any of the four songs on Ugly Truth's self-titled EP that came out around '95 also (on Hatebreed's Stillborn record label, no less). The best Ugly Truth stuff, though, is on the Frozen Monkey CD compilation, which I'll get around to posting if I can ever find my copy.

Hardly any two Kitty Badass songs sounded alike, and their song here is one of their catchy, minute-long Cub-type numbers. As for the rest, I'm (rather reluctantly) leaving off the songs from Broken and Fudge Daddy-O's, since this compilation is still floating around out there-- Vital and Trash American Style still had some copies, last I knew-- so now you've got something to hunt for.

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Kitty Badass -

"Chevy Impala"

Blanket Of Ash -

"Too Messed Up"

Ugly Truth -

"See You Tonite"

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Brushback said...

The mp3 files on this post are now listen-only (non-downloadable) files. More people should've downloaded "Too Messed Up", which is a friggin' great song, but NOBODY DID! Anyway, all 5 songs from this comp (including two that weren't included in the original post) are on my Vox account, which is accesible through any of the listen-only links.

If anyone cares, I will do my best to respond to e-mailed requests for the original files. But, seriously, that Blanket of Ash song is some good shit.

Forgotten Youth said...

Jeff Spaz also release on his label, CCR, various Puerto Rican punk bands from the early 90' Sham Pain, Golpe Justo and the V/A House Arrest.


Anonymous said...

If anyone is interested in Kitty Badass' "385 Seconds Of..." 7" I've got a whole bunch of them and I'll sell them cheap or trade.

Brushback said...

Hey, I've got two copies of "385 Seconds"-- one on blue, one on black. How many were made of each?

Necrobot said...

I've got one on black here. Red Tape Records #001! If there are any left, and you don't have a copy, contact Al to own a piece of CT punk history.

Ace said...

I have all the Kitty Badass 7"s and the 12" if you're interested. Got 'em from Donn for my birthday.

Brushback said...

Wait.... there was a Kitty Badass 12"?? I gotta find out about that.