Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Only Reason I'm Talking To You Is Because I Thought You Were Somebody

This is the third time that I'm posting something from White, meaning that they're tied with Gas Huffer and one ahead of Billy Squier as far as number of appearances on this blog (there may be an award available for this, I'll have to find out). There was a list that appeared about a year ago on Pitchfork or one of those places about "The Best Noise Rock of 2014" or some such, but the guy who wrote the list was going on about stuff on Slumberland and etc; I'm guessing if you held him down and forced him to listen to this track, he'd be in danger of having a seizure. RIYL: White Suns, Landlords, pieces of Black Flag riffs ("Life of Pain") played backwards. The b-side is said to be a single silent groove but I'm not really motivated enough to listen to it.

White -


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Tony Tony Horsenrider said...

Fucking great band. Enjoyed the other stuff I heard.
Slumberland ha ha.