Saturday, June 6, 2015

My Foot Is Actually A Size 41807040 If You Count The Planet That I'm Standing On

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Figured I'd take a second to throw some people in the direction of this compilation, since '90s punk singles were a small part of what I used to do around here, so I'm guessing that a few of you who read this blog might be interested in this swank little LP for your hi-fi sets. Not that I'm claiming that my blog has anything more than a circumstantial connection to any of the bands that are "Destroy All Art"; I maybe own records from two of the bands that are on here, at most, so this comp digs way underneath what was in your average Mutant Pop or Vital Music mail-order catalogs. No doubt the original 7"-ers that are compiled here instantly tripled in value on Discogs once the track listing of this compilation started spreading around. Speaking of prices, some doof who did a write-up of this comp on Noisey or Vicey or one of those things dropped this brilliant observation, in an attempt to sound knowledgeable: "Typically released in small quantities with little to no promo budget, most ended up in the $3 bins of independent record stores." Dude doesn't know that three bucks was the typical price for a new 7"-er back in the '90s, apparently. (Shoulda put "50 cent bin", which is where most of the singles on VML ended up.) What do chumps on Noisey listen to, anyway? Shit like Thee Oh Sees and Trash Talk and Ceremony, I'll bet. Meanwhile, I'll be over here clutching my LSOK and Stiffs records while the chump on Noisey gets 10000x the readers that my blog gets. Good job, chump.

Pretty Girls -

"The Kids Are All Fucked"

Bend Sinister -


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ib said...

Real people suck too. Too busy swapping lifestyle recipes on Facebook and tweeting about fast food. Let them blow those hacks who draw a salary yacking about next to nothing. They have a taste for corporate dick which comes in as many flavours as can be stuffed into a machine vended pack of prophylactics. You're right. Blogger is as dead in the water as a Malaysian airline boarding pass.