Saturday, January 17, 2015

Buck Rogers Is All But Dead

At one point maybe five or six years ago, if you ordered a bunch of stuff from any of the record label distros they'd throw a handful of CDs into the box as they were mailing it out, just to get rid of 'em. No doubt the CD boom came crashing down so hard that they all got stuck with thousands of lame clunker CDs that were never gonna sell, so it became like that Mitch Hedberg joke about people on the sidewalk handing out flyers: "here, YOU throw this away". I don't think I ever actually listened to any of the free CDs that I got -- I mean, what the fuck do I care about Small Brown Bike -- but when I found a bunch of them in a box while I was moving a couple of months ago, it was like 2007 all over again. I couldn't tell what this one was at first; the spine just says "My Heart Is A Merciless Piece Of Metal And Fire" so I figured what the heck, any band with a name like that has got be completely hilarious, right? Then I looked it up on Amazon, and that's just the title of the album while the band's name is really Crucible. The only funny part to all of this was reading the bitchy review that some nerd left on Amazon because he apparently thought this CD was by another band named Crucible (some prog-rock/Genesis rip-off) instead. Gosh, I hope you were able to get your 9 cents (plus shipping) back, nerdy Marillion-ass-sucking guy.

Crucible -

Interest Rate of Deception"

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