Saturday, July 26, 2014

If The Universe Is Just Us Then That's An Awful Waste Of Space

Here's the Blessed State interview that ran in Incremental Decrepitude #2, which not a lot of people saw (completely by their own choice, I understand) so I figured I'd scan it and post it here. As usual, you can right-click on the images a couple of times to make them bigger. Blessed State have a week-long tour out to Milwaukee and back coming up in August, and their "Head Space" EP came out on Safety Meeting on June 24th. I'm not gonna say 'dropped' because that's so Anthony Fantano/'90s MTV. Anyway, the rec is pressed on 12" 45, which is pretty neat, and as you can see from the pic below -- which I stole from the Safety Meeting website -- it looks pretty snazzy, too. Here's the first couple of tracks from the EP, and you can also listen to the whole thing on Bandcamp. People can 'follow' each other on Bandcamp now, did you know that? Weird.

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