Sunday, June 8, 2014

I Run Into The Woods A Lot To Lick The Toads

It took me long enough to get around to posting the Kitty Badass CD, mostly because I'm full-on dumb and lazy and partly because CDs are just pieces of boring plastic. Well, they're nice for the car, I'll give them that, only just not as fun to take pictures of when you've got a blog, or something. I'm pretty sure "One Cell At A Time" was pressed up as a 12", too, though for the life of me I've never seen one. Kitty Badass were definitely one of the better Connecticut bands of their time, only to have mostly escaped notice as the years have passed; their ability to meld off-kilter melodies with tempos that effortlessly shifted gears (from almost indie-pop to almost-thrash) lead to some killer hooks, and the first six tracks on this album, as a group, match up fairly evenly with anything else that came out of CT in the last half of the '90s. Of course, I'm going to be a dick by only posting four of the six songs here, though this CD shouldn't be a hard one to track down (I think Elevator was having a fire sale not too long ago, you can pick up that J.C. Superska 7" while you're at it) anyway.

Kitty Badass -

"Brand New Vampires"

"New Vow"



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