Friday, September 13, 2013

A Heart That Loves Is Just Asking To Get Ripped Off

I'm not sure how many of you know this, or even care ("do you even care, do you even care" -Springa), but I've been staying up in Massachusetts during the workweek, in a faceless little burgh tucked next to Stow and Concord. The other night I went for a walk, just to check out the neighborhood a little and pretend like I was getting some exercise, when I spotted an ice cream truck parked behind a condo complex. Cool, it's like 80 degrees and shit, I'll walk over there and see what's up, maybe buy an ice cream. While I'm standing on the edge of the curb waiting to cross the street, a couple of cruisers and a fire truck and an ambulance come screaming up and the EMTs hop out and start wheeling a lady out of one of the condos on a stretcher (she was pretty young, I'm sure she was okay, probably just stepped on a Lego or something). Fuck, man, I only wanted an ice cream. Now I'm gonna look like a nosy creep or something, as if I'm trying to gawk at what's going on, just for crossing the street. After a few seconds of realizing how stupid I was being, I went "fuckit, nobody knows me here anyway", and I crossed the street and asked for a Chipwich. The guy in the truck hands it to me and I say "how much?", and he says, "nothing, it's free, the condos are paying for it." Apparently there was some kind of block party going on, only I didn't know it. So I was like, "I'm not a resident here, so I think you gotta charge me for it" and the guy waved his hand and said "forget about it, I've already gotten paid for the whole truck so you can just have it." In the end I didn't feel too guilty about it cuz I'm already paying like three-thousand a year to the state of Massachusetts in taxes, right, when I barely live there, so I get one free ice cream back, big deal.

I spent the rest of the week listening to the Shiv CD in the car while I was driving back-and-forth to work, cuz it's pretty rockin'; Shiv put out a few 7"-ers in the early '90s that were kinda sludge-metal (like Stone Titan is now, right) and weren't all that good, but the CD is way more nimble and sounds totally boss. But I've already written about the CD, so you get one of the crummy 7"-ers instead.

Shiv -



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