Thursday, July 4, 2013

What You Fail To Understand Is What I Said Is Not What I Meant

 photo RealNumbersEPCaption_zps28c1f16b.jpg

Paul Bruno played a Real Numbers song on his latest podcast, which reminded me that I bought this single a few years ago and still hadn't listened to it yet (which is pretty typical of the way things go around here). Real Numbers are from Minnesota somewhere, but their songs can vary between UK/Aussie-sounding poppy stuff -- really great if you're into bands like Woolen Kits and the Twerps -- and then harder stuff that runs closer to Mammoth Cave/Candadian-type bands like Moby Dicks and Cold Warps. This EP is mostly faster-harder stuff, and if you dig it at all then you should maybe check out their new 12" which just came out, or their "Tear It In Two" 7" which came out on Florida's Dying a couple of years ago and is perfectly brilliant.

Real Numbers -

"Can't Find a Way"

"You're Breaking Up"

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